Choose the Right Cholesterol-lowering Medications

Choose the Right Cholesterol-lowering Medications

Treatment of high cholesterol usually begins with a healthy lifestyle, such as designing a healthy diet and regular exercise. If this method does not work, for example because blood pressure is already very high and the risk of complications of other diseases, doctors can prescribe cholesterol-lowering drugs for routine consumption.

Some types of statin drugs that doctors can give are simvastatin, atorvastatin, or rosuvastatin. But there were some people who were intolerant of statins and experienced side effects after taking the drug, including stomach ulcers, muscle aches, and headaches. Statins can be combined with ezetimibe which inhibits the absorption of cholesterol from food and bile in the intestine. But for people with high cholesterol who cannot take statins because of their side effects, ezetimibe can be consumed without statins.

Choose the Right Cholesterol-lowering Medications

Other drugs that can be given to patients with high cholesterol are bile acid binding drugs. Cholesterol is used in making bile acids, which are needed to digest food. If bile acids are bound, the body will use excess cholesterol to form more bile acids, so that cholesterol levels in the blood will decrease. Examples of bile acid inhibitors are cholestyramine.

To reduce high triglyceride levels, doctors can give fibrate and niacin. Fibrate reduces the work of the liver in producing lipoproteins with very low density, thereby reducing triglyceride levels. While niacin inhibits the ability of the liver to produce bad cholesterol. At present, niacin is only recommended for people who cannot take statins. Other treatments that can reduce triglyceride levels are supplements of omega-3 fatty acids that can be purchased freely.

Before deciding to take cholesterol medication, you must consult a doctor to get the right medicine according to the symptoms that are felt. Remember, avoid buying and taking cholesterol medication carelessly without a doctor’s prescription.

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