Top 12 Foods High in Cholesterol

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High cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia is a condition where the cholesterol levels are not normal. Cholesterol itself is fat that is mostly produced in the liver and some of it is obtained from food. People who lurk high cholesterol sufferers can usually release energy such as stroke and heart attacks.

Why should we avoid high cholesterol foods? Because high cholesterol foods make the body fatter and can cause fatal illness.

Well, that’s why we should avoid high cholesterol foods. Here are examples of foods we should avoid.

1. Foods that contain lots of salt
Often we do not realize that the body has consumed too much salt. Excessive sodium intake will make your blood pressure rise. Although it does not directly affect your cholesterol levels, a combination of hypertension and high cholesterol will increase your risk of heart disease. Therefore, subtract salt in your daily menu. Avoid these foods as much as possible, like chips, crackers, pickles, and other salty foods.

2. Fried Food
Any fried food certainly contains a lot of bad cholesterol. Especially that processed by deep-frying method, by dipping and frying food in the oil in large quantities. In addition to eliminating the water content in food, this frying technique also makes the food suck fat. As a result, food will be higher in calories. Examples of fried foods, such as: fried chicken, snacks and other fried foods. So, don’t get this foods.

3. Sweet Food
While it tastes delicious, sugar can cause many serious diseases. Examples are obesity, heart disease, diabetes and of course high cholesterol. You should know the proper levels of consuming sugar-containing foods and drinks, such as candies, ice cream, and more.

4. Seafood
Consumed enough seafood, is good for health because many marine fish contain omega-3. Tuna and salmon include food from the sea that is rich in healthy fatty acids. However, there are also seafood is also included in the type of high cholesterol foods, such as shrimp and shellfish.

5. Foods Containing Trans Fat
If you continue to be consumed, this type of fat will contribute in increasing levels of bad cholesterol and lower your good cholesterol levels. Trans fats are widely used by food manufacturers in their products because these ingredients can serve as food preservatives. Therefore, you should be wary when choosing foods in packaging. Pay attention to the composition contained in it. If the fat transition composition (trans fat) or ‘partially hydrogenated’ is written, limit consumption of the product.

6. Foods Containing Saturated Fat
Saturated fats are commonly found in animal foods, such as sausages, pork oil, cheese, butter, or margarine. Snacks made from these ingredients also automatically contain saturated fats are also high possibility. For example, chocolate milk, pudding, tart, and biscuits. Not only that, this fat can also be found in coconut oil and palm oil. You can also replace your cooking oil with a healthier one, such as olive oil or canola oil.

7. Red Meat
Red meat derived from cows, sheep, and pigs tends to contain more cholesterol than saturated fats. In addition to increasing cholesterol, red meat is also able to worsen the condition of heart disease. Salmon, nuts, and non-fried chicken are recommended as a better substitute.

8. Egg yolk
One egg contains 186 mg of cholesterol. Eating less than four yolks per week does not degrade a person’s chances of developing heart disease. The key is not to consume excessively and continue to keep your cholesterol intake.

9. Butter and margarine
Butter or margarine is often used to make bread or baking material. Butter or margarine should be highly avoided by people suffering from high cholesterol. Because the process and ingredients to make butter or margarine already contain saturated fats are very dangerous for the body. If you are accustomed to using butter or margarine then replace with healthier oils like olive oil or canola oil. Butter or margarine can even contain trans fats that can increase the risk of breast cancer for women.

10. Cheese
Cheese is one of the most widely used bread and pastry ingredients. Cheese is also often used for cooking mixes. Although these foods go through a complicated and long process of fermentation it turns out the cholesterol content in the cheese is quite high. Cheese is produced from milk fat deposition so that cholesterol must be very high. Consumption of cheese is even very dangerous for people with high blood pressure because it can cause a rapid attack. Cheese is also dangerous because it becomes a super fat fast food.

11. Alcohol
Drinking alcohol increases the chances of developing bad cholesterol that increases blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

12. Refined Wheat Products
White bread, bagels, pasta and tortillas contain refined carbohydrates. These foods raise bad cholesterol in the blood and eventually clog the arteries. Reduce refined carbohydrate intake to improve cholesterol levels.

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    1. Frozen chicken with good handling can be said to be healthy. That is, after the chicken is cut, without formalin given and as soon as possible frozen. Always kept in temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius.

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